Ashton Guitar Tuition

Established 2001

tel: (01942) 271448 or (07872) 594932




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Professional guitar and bass guitar tuition for people of all ages.                              For exam results click HERE

Ashton Guitar Tuition provides one to one guitar lessons, taught in a professionally equipped studio, by a highly qualified and experienced guitar teacher.

Electric guitar, acoustic guitar, classical guitar and bass guitar lessons are taught, as well as music reading and music theory.

Students are invited to enter the ABRSM Royal School of Music grade exams 1 to 8, as well as the Rockschool grade exams 1 to 8,
whilst some students are just learning for fun. Help is also provided to those studying GCSE and A level music.

ABRSM Royal School of Music theory grades 1 to 8 are also taught.

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